IFAMA2020-Rotterdam goes Digital

IFAMA’s 30th World Conference: Food for the Future – initially planned for June 15-18, 2020 in Rotterdam, was cancelled. Instead, the organizing partners have decided to develop something even better – an ongoing digital program in which you can participate and follow on demand on https://www.foodlog.nl/ifama/.

We have decided to explore a new type of worldwide conversation. Our ambition is to make it last.

The pandemic is accelerating the urgency to construct a more resilient food system. As governments pour trillions of dollars —almost post WWII— ‘Keynesian’ style money into the economy, it requires intelligent input from all stakeholders. An articulated plan is sorely needed to create trust, add value, and manage the ongoing risks, losses, and cracks in the food system. It cannot be solely defined from the top down, as it is highly dependent on complex, interconnected networks.

Interview with Ray Goldberg, founder of IFAMA

Panel discussion with Mary Shelman, Aidan Conolly, Tiffany Tsui and Dick Veerman

How can you contribute to the lasting discussion?

  • Comment on the video’s or articles on foodlog.nl/ifama
  • Write an article for foodlog.nl/ifama
  • Invite colleagues to react on your post of article
  • Share articles and video’s on LinkedIn or Twitter

If you have questions, idea’s or suggestions about how to contribute, please mail to ifama@foodlog.nl.

Sponsors: City of Rotterdam, province of Zuid-Holland, Leiden Delft Erasmus Alliance of Universities, Inholland University of Applied Sciences, Wageningen University, and Foodlog.

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