IFAMA2020-Rotterdam goes Digital

IFAMA’s 30th World Conference: Food for the Future – initially planned for June 15-18, 2020 in Rotterdam, is cancelled. Instead, the organizing partners have decided to develop something even better – an ongoing digital program in which you can participate and follow on demand on https://www.foodlog.nl/ifama/. For more information check Goes digital.

Also the Student Case Competition is adapted! IFAMA 2020 Essay Challenge replaces the Student Case Competition. We challenge students from all over the world to write an essay. The Challenge: How can the sustainability, productivity, and market access, of smallholder sugarcane farmers be improved?

Students (Under Graduates, Graduates) and Young Professionals are challenged to form a vision and opinion on the issue “Food for the Future”. Students write the solution/answer in the form of an essay in an inspiring and creative way. Check Student Essay competition for more info.

A physical program will be organised by WICaNeM in November 2020. A new call for papers will be launched for this. Check the Science program for more information.

Traditional IFAMA goes Digital Status

Plenary sessions

An ongoing digital event you can follow and participate in on-demand Launches 2 June
Scientific paper Symposium IFAMA online presentation Beginning June 2020 – November
WICANEM/IFAMA session Planned in November 2020, De Doelen Rotterdam

New call for papers

Student Case Competition Essay Challenge “Food for the Future”. Announcement central theme: 15 June