Rotterdam, the most innovative food hub in the Netherlands, invites you to join IFAMA 2020!

How do we transform the AgriFood business towards a circular economy to produce enough healthy and safe food for the future? How will future business models need to change? And how do we govern the future food system?

In the heart of Rotterdam, the IFAMA 2020 conference brings together the brightest scholars, the most audacious entrepreneurs and the most visionary minds to create the ultimate international platform for developing tomorrow’s sustainable AgriFood business.

The aim of the conference is to explore how a circular AgriFood business can address global challenges, and to encourage new forms of interaction and cooperation at the national, regional and local level between governments, (food)businesses and academics to develop new business models and circular AgriFood solutions.

IFAMA 2020 will focus on the following four themes:

This four-day event will bring together over 1,000 attendees from all facets of the AgriFood business, including government officials, professionals ranging from start-up entrepreneurs to major CEOs, farmers and growers and academics from leading universities. IFAMA 2020 is for AgriFood professionals of today, but certainly also for the next generation of young professionals.

We invite you to be part of a circular solution at the IFAMA 2020 conference in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Connect values

between government, academics, business and talented thinkers and doers

Accelerate innovation

through “game changers” for a successful future of the agrifood sector

This 30th edition of IFAMA is hosted by: