Student Case Competition

Help tackle the toughest agrifood challenges by participating in the IFAMA 2020 Student Case Competition

The global agrifood industry is facing complex challenges. Climate change, poverty, urbanization and an increasing demand for healthier and more sustainable food production and consumption are all challenges demanding agrifood businesses to adjust their daily operations. Demanding them to take the roads less traveled and explore new practices, methods and technologies in order to make the transition to a sustainable, future proof business model. As of right now, the agrifood industry is unable to produce enough safe, healthy food for a growing world population. Academics, businesses and local governments all need to play their part in finding solutions to tackle these challenges, and they really need your help!

Unleash your talent, show your true potential and be part of the solution!

The IFAMA2020 Student Case Competition provides undergraduate and graduate students from all over the world with the unique opportunity to compete and showcase their knowledge to key players in the international agrifood business community during the IFAMA2020 conference. Help tackle the toughest agrifood challenges and play your part in producing Food for the Future! With Rotterdam as your stage, the case competition gives you a great opportunity to:

  • learn by solving a real-life business case;
  • network with professionals, industry leaders, academics and other students in the agrifood industry community
  • get inspired by attending the 30th IFAMA conference at the most innovative food hub in the Netherlands and home of the biggest port in Europe

What to expect…

The IFAMA2020 Student Case Competition is a 3-day case competition as part of the IFAMA2020 conference in Rotterdam, during which the participating teams of 4-5 students will work on solving a real-life business case and present their solution to a jury. The best groups will be asked to give a killer pitch during the final day to seal the deal. However, there’s one (slight) catch: you will only get to know your business case a matter of minutes before the competition begins!
The case competition consists of four levels: young professionals, graduates, undergraduates and a mix of all three. Per level, the top three teams all win cash prizes.

Be at the frontline of change, bring your radical ideas to the table and pitch your innovative solutions for the toughest agrifood challenges of tomorrow!


  • Team registration opens in the beginning of December 2019 and closes 16 March 2020
  • 14 June 2020: registration & preliminary round – Problem solving of business case
    Inholland University, Rotterdam
  • 15 June 2020: second preliminary round – teams of each level present their solutions to a panel of judges, after which the best ideas per level are selected for the finals
    De Doelen, Rotterdam
  • 16 June 2020: finals – selected teams take to the The Doelen’s stage for their final pitch (undergraduates and mixed teams) or debate (graduates and young professionals) which will determine the winning teams
    De Doelen, Rotterdam


In case of additional questions please contact:

Ms. Gerry Kouwenhoven
Inholland University of Applied Sciences


14 June 2020 – Start of Competition

The Student Case Competition starts on Sunday 14 June. First round elaboration of the business case: students work in teams at the problem solving of the business case.


  • 12.00 – 12.30 hrs – Plenary session: Presentation of the business case
  • 12.30 – 16.30 hrs – Students work in teams to solve the problem of the business case
  • 16.30 – 17.30 hrs – Drinks and closure

15 June 2020 – First Round Presentations

Teams will present their solution for the business case problem (between 09.30 – 12.30 hrs):

  • 15 minutes presentation, 10 minutes questions;
  • Judging 4 levels (Young Professionals, Graduates, Middle/ Mix and Under graduates) in parallel;
  • After presentations, the teams can join the congress (may not be present at other team presentations);
  • Jury determines which 2 teams per level will go to the finals (Tuesday afternoon).
  • Each team receives a time slot of 25 minutes (presentation + questions) between 09.30 – 12.30 hrs.

16 June 2020 – Finals

Per level 2 teams will go to the finals on Tuesday which takes place in the plenary room of the conference centre.

Program (16.00 – 17.30 hrs):

  • The finals will start with a video of the problem of the business case.
    • UnderGrad and Middle/Mix:
      Pitch: all-in 4 minutes (3 minutes pitch + 1 minute question) per team.
    • Graduates and Young Professionals:
      Debat (led by the moderator)


Sunday 14 June
Inholland University
Posthumalaan 90
3072 AG Rotterdam

Easily accessible by public transport (from Central Train Station with metro Line E to Wilhelminaplein. 2 minutes’ walk). Internet and workspace, lunch and drinks are available. Students bring their own laptops.

Monday 15 June & Tuesday 16 June
International Conference Centre De Doelen (Conference venue)
Willem Burger Quarter
Entrance: Kruisplein 40
3012 CC Rotterdam

Situated right near Central Station Rotterdam


Besides the IFAMA 2020 Student Case Competition for undergraduate and graduate students from all over the world, IFAMA 2020 is also organizing a MBO Challenge for Dutch MBO Students.

This 30th edition of IFAMA is hosted by: