Moderator: Dick Veerman


Dick Veerman (1963) is the moderator of Foodlog, the leading Dutch community in news and opinion on food, agriculture & society. Veerman is considered an independent sharp mind on nutrition, food marketing, food politics, and the role of civil society and government in policy making.

He was trained as a philosopher and linguist in Utrecht and Paris. Veerman started out his professional career as a strategist in the financial services industry (1988) and moved over to consulting in databased marketing (1995). A severe illness forced him to slow down in 1999; he completely recovered using a gentech based drug. In 2005, he founded Foodlog, one of the few interactive news sites that succeeds in keeping the conversation going while having impact on society.

Two live interviews* with Dick: at Ikon’s OBA Live (March 2013, by Mieke Spanish) and Café Weltschmerz (May 2016, by Catherine Schrama). In Fork (March 2018) he spoke out about the conversation in society: We do not question each other.
*Both interviews are Dutch spoken

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