Teaching cases

Call for teaching cases

The International Food and Agribusiness Management Association is committed to provide a showcase for teaching cases in 2020. We invite the submission of teaching case study proposals for participation in the 30th Annual World Symposium to be held in Rotterdam, The Netherlands on June 15-18, 2020.

The Case Conference portion of the Symposium is directed at a broad audience of professionals who are interested in developing effective food and agribusiness related cases and using them as learning tools, as well as for those interested in specific case topics being discussed. The Teaching Case Workshop will include “featured cases” that are structured to provide constructive feedback on your case writing and discussion leadership skills. By modeling case discussion, we hope to encourage others to become interested in writing cases or in using cases (and case discussions) in their classes.

Teaching Cases may deal with any topic of managerial relevance, preferably related to one of the IFAMA2020 themes (see themes)

Selection criteria for teaching cases

  1. Interest and relevance of the topic to food and agribusiness managers
  2. The problems, issues, and decisions presented in the case are controversial and not trivial
  3. The case is written from the perspective of a specified protagonist (manager/decision maker) that has to make a decision or take some course of action.
  4. The case includes enough pertinent background information (supported by data and assumptions) to analyze and diagnose the problem, and allow students to propose different alternatives and to choose and support one of those alternatives.
  5. A separate teaching note accompanies the case. The teaching note should provide teaching objectives and an outline of a class session, including the opening question, discussion pastures, and transition questions. The teaching plan may include a literature review if desired.
  6. The case is well-written using clear and concise language, an easy to follow structure, and appropriate supporting data.

Requirements for a teaching case submission

  • The case is limited to no more than 15 pages (single spaced), plus supporting documents and a title page,
  • An abstract (140 words max), and up to 5 key words;
  • Do not list authors on the paper as they are recorded elsewhere in the system;
  • Teaching Notes are typically not larger than the case;
  • Please number the pages in the top right corner and provide the paper title on each page in the top header.

Please refer to the IFAMR Case Study Submission Guidelines, as a reference. For the teaching note please refer IFAMR Guidelines for a Teaching Note For examples see other teaching cases published by IFAMR.

Submission deadline for teaching cases: 13 January 2020

Notification to authors: 17 February 2020

Abstracts must be submitted through https://ifama2020.org/academic-paper-abstracts/.

Teaching case coordinators

For all contributions related questions please contact ifama.wicanem2020@wur.nl.

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