International Agrifood conference IFAMA 2020

Rotterdam will host the 30th edition of IFAMA. This four-day event with over 1,000 attendees from all over the world will be held from 15-18 June 2020. IFAMA has participants from all facets of the industry, including government officials, professionals ranging from start-up entrepreneurs to major CEOs, farmers and growers and academics from leading universities. Together they represent over 50 different countries.

The conference is organized by IFAMA and Rotterdam Food Cluster (a City of Rotterdam initiative), in partnership with Leiden University, University of Delft, Erasmus University Rotterdam (LDE), Wageningen University & Research, WICaNem and Inholland University of Applied Sciences.

Food for the Future: towards a Circular AgriFoodNetwork

How do we transform the AgriFood business towards a circular economy to produce enough healthy and safe food for the future? How will future business models need to change? And how do we govern the future food system? The transition to a circular economy is complex. Businesses, governments, knowledge institutions and other stakeholders all play a crucial role in the transition to a sustainable AgriFood business. This is why the “Triple Helix” approach is a central theme in the IFAMA 2020 conference.

The aim of the conference is to explore how a circular AgriFood business can address global challenges, and to encourage new forms of interaction and cooperation at the national, regional and local level. We encourage collaboration between governments, (food)businesses and academics to facilitate concerted action by developing new business models and circular AgriFood solutions. By bringing together perspectives from multiple levels and different stakeholders, we will discuss how to produce the ‘Food for the Future’.

In the heart of Rotterdam, the IFAMA 2020 conference brings together the brightest scholars, the most audacious entrepreneurs and the most visionary minds to create the ultimate international platform for developing tomorrow’s sustainable AgriFood business.

IFAMA and Rotterdam

Rotterdam, the most innovative food hub in the Netherlands, invites you to join IFAMA 2020! Despite being small in size, The Netherlands is the world’s second largest exporter of agricultural products and its dynamic AgriFood and horticultural sector excels in the field of innovative and efficient production. Renowned academics and students collaborate closely and successfully with food entrepreneurs and local governments in a Triple Helix, creating a breeding ground for innovative solutions. For more information, check Rotterdam Food Cluster.

The mission of the International Food and Agribusiness Management Association (IFAMA) is “Food security by 2050” and this international organization mobilizes the food and agribusiness industry, academia, research and students to debate and discuss matters related to its mission. In 2020, IFAMA will have achieved the milestone of being active for 30 years and has chosen Rotterdam as the place to celebrate this prestigious occasion. www.ifama.org


“With ‘future creating themes’ IFAMA proves its worth and facilitates an active 30-year presence in a highly disruptive and ever changing world. IFAMA practices what it preaches, “adapt, create or die.”

– Prof. Johan van Rooyen, University of Stellenbosch, IFAMA President

“IFAMA’s endeavour for over two and a half decades has been to provide a platform which brings together the Agricultural business world; comprising of Industry, Academicians & Students with a defined purpose. These forums are multi focal and meant to contemplate challenges being faced by the agriculture industry, provide new insights into exemplar industry practices and academic research, spark thoughts and contemplation based on new insights and experiences, besides acting as a platform for all participants to build bonds & network outside and within the precincts of the forum.”

– Raj Vardhan, Independent Director, Mcleod Russel, board member IFAMA